Pay Online

For your convenience we now accept credit card payments online for previously established client accounts. If you are new client without a previously established account, please call us or stop by the office to make an advance fee deposit.

If you are currently an Alliance Law Group PS client, or if you are paying an bill on behalf of a currently established Alliance Law Group PS client, please click on the link below to be directed to Law Pay, our secure credit card processor.

NOTE: You will need the alpha-numeric account number from your monthly billing statement in order to make the payment. The required alpha-numeric account number is found on the first page of your billing statement, immediately under the date and immediately to the right of the words “In Reference To:”

The required alpha-numeric account number will be formatted as ABC12345 with the letters representing the initials of the attorney primarily handling your case and the numbers representing your account number.

If you are a third-party paying a bill on behalf of someone else who is a client, please include the client’s name in the “Client’s Name” field and your information on the “Name on Card” and billing address fields.

Call us now for any additional information.