Child Support in an Uncontested Divorce

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Although divorce is never easy, an uncontested divorce can prove less taxing for everyone involved, especially the children. In this post, we highlight everything you can expect from an uncontested divorce child support agreement. Feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns with a Tacoma Divorce Attorney.   Determining…

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Traveling Spouse Divorce Rate

How Much is Child Support in Tacoma, Washington | Alliance Law Group

Married couples often face obstacles that could potentially lead to divorce. One of the matters spouses have to deal with is frequent travel. According to estimates by HTH Worldwide, 14 million Americans go on international business trips every year. These frequent trips have been shown to take a toll on…

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What Does Child Support Cover?

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability in Tacoma, Washington | Alliance Law Group

The process involved in determining child support during a marriage separation or divorce is critical. It is a process that goes a long way in ensuring that the child or children in the family will continue receiving their basic needs even after the separation of their parents. Our Tacoma Divorce…

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Is child support taxable?

How to Apply for Social Security Disability in Tacoma, Washington | Alliance Law

Many parents who undergo divorce or separation often have to deal with situations that involve many unclear issues. One of these relates to child support and who has to pay for it. Many times, it is the father who is mandated to pay for child support. The other question that…

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