Stages of Grief After a Divorce

No Fault Divorce

The process of getting divorced can be a difficult one. You have to go through many stages before the final decision is made, and some people may not know what to expect when they get divorced. That is why you need a specialist at Tacoma Family Law Attorney. There is…

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What is an uncontested divorce hearing?

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An uncontested divorce hearing is what it sounds like: an agreement between the two parties that they should get divorced. If both sides agree to a divorce, then there will be no need for a trial or contested hearings of any sort. The court grants them what’s called “divorce by…

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What is the Purpose of Divorce Mediation?

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Divorce mediation is when divorcing partners meet with an appropriately trained, impartial third party to explore and address typical divorce-associated concerns. Mediation usually is less distressing and less costly than a divorce trial, and it moves much more quickly. In addition, since you and your partner have the last word…

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