Counseling Adolescents Dealing with Divorce

Tacoma Divorce Attorney | Alliance Law Group, PS

According to some estimates, roughly 1 million children in the United States will experience their parents’ divorce each year. There are, of course, many reasons why divorce occurs. But from the child’s point of view, these reasons are often irrelevant. All that matters to the child is that they are…

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Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyer

How to File Divorce with and without an Attorney in Tacoma, Washington | Alliance Law Group

Accidents are never planned or expected. And when an accident results in a serious injury, it can quickly upend your life. In addition to dealing with the demands of seeking medical attention, you may suddenly be faced with a loss of income if you need to take time away from…

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How Can a Father Get Out of Paying Child Support

How to Change Your Name After a Divorce | Alliance Law Group

Some fathers drop out of their children’s lives and feel they shouldn’t have to pay child support. Others want to pay but have no income, either because of difficult economic circumstances or because they are incarcerated. Generally, fathers are expected to financially support their children. This duty applies regardless of…

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