Should I Still Consider a Divorce Attorney, Even If I and My Spouse Are Still Amicable?

One thing that can make reaching a divorce settlement particularly difficult is the existence of a hostile relationship between the spouses. Indeed, many couples who are divorcing can barely speak, let alone work together to reach an agreement about how issues in a divorce should be settled.

Which is why when couples maintain an amicable relationship, filing for and finalizing a divorce may be a much smoother process. However, just because a relationship remains amicable does not mean that the counsel of a legal professional isn’t necessary; on the contrary, the representation of a Tacoma family law attorney can be invaluable.

Why You Still Need a Tacoma Family Law Attorney

If you and your spouse are able to converse amicably and work together to reach various resolutions throughout the divorce process, that’s wonderful – reaching a settlement may be easier, and a lack of contention and hostility can benefit all parties involved, especially if you have any children. That being said, the counsel of an attorney is still important. Here’s why working with an attorney is a must–

  • Your attorney can represent your best interests in negotiations. Even if you and your spouse are on good terms, your divorce may not be uncontested (an uncontested divorce is one in which spouses are in complete agreement about how the divorce should be settled). As such, as you and your spouse negotiate the terms of your divorce, your attorney can provide representation and counsel.
  • Your attorney will review all paperwork and settlement contracts. Once a divorce settlement is reached, it should be reviewed by an attorney before it is signed to ensure that it is legally sound and that you aren’t agreeing to something that is a major breach of your best interests.
  • Your attorney can explain to you your legal options, and represent you in litigation if necessary. Even divorcing couples who remain friendly with one another may be unable to reach an agreement about how things like property division, alimony, and child custody should be decided. When this is the case, working with a Tacoma family law attorney is a must, as your attorney will represent you during litigation, as well as manage the various legal elements associated with litigation such as filing the appropriate court forms, submitting evidence, navigating the discovery process, deposing witnesses, and more.

Divorce Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Life – Protect Yourself with a Qualified Tacoma Family Law Attorney

Getting divorced is a huge decision and one that can have a significant impact on everything from your relationship with your child to where you live to your financial health and more. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse get along and are cordial with one another, you don’t want to make the mistake of representing yourself during a divorce case. When you partner with a Tacoma family law lawyer from the office of the Alliance Law Group, you’re taking a smart step towards protecting your interests.

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