You can still file for divorce in Washington.

For years Alliance Law Group has implemented technology to work with our clients remotely. We have robust technology in place to allow us to work with clients over long-distances and maintain all of our client’s information on our secure servers. We utilize DocuSign and Zoom meeting and messaging applications such as IMessage and WhatsApp to communicate with client’s from abroad. In 2019 alone we conducted a mediation via video conference from our office in University Place with one party in the Philippines and another party in Hawaii. In 2019 we tried a case where our client was in Italy (even prior to the Corona virus outbreak) and appeared by video conference in Pierce County Superior Court. In prior years we have conducted remote depositions of other parties using video conferences. Throughout the years we have represented clients remotely from all over the United States and across the globe including Korea, Germany and other countries.

Alliance Law Group is set up to representing clients remotely in light of the Coronavirus. All of our attorneys are constantly in touch with court officials, colleagues and professional associations to keep abreast of the latest breaking news, policies and procedures from the courthouses we serve in Pierce and surrounding counties. We will be able to seamlessly and aggressively represent clients notwithstanding Coronavirus outbreak and we are taking on new clients at this time.