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March 2022

What Can a Wife Claim in Divorce?

How can I get a quick divorce?

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A seamless, quick divorce seems nice and easy in theory, but in reality, a quick divorce means different things to different people and may or not be possible depending on the nature of your relationship. Filing a divorce is usually a long and tedious legal matter that can last for…

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Can I request marriage counseling before divorce?

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Generally, there are two types of couples going through the process of marriage counseling. The first couple often has a mutual understanding of the problem(s) affecting their marriage and gladly seeks marriage counseling. On the other hand, the second couple is what therapists refer to as a mixed-agenda where one…

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Divorce rate after marriage counseling

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Marriage counseling is the most sought-after support tool for solving marital problems, but the really big question is, “Can marriage counseling preserve my marriage?” The answer to this question is usually dependable on several factors that are beyond the divorce counselor’s control. However, based on the 1990s Consumer reports that…

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You can still file for divorce in Washington. For years Alliance Law Group has implemented technology to work with our clients remotely. We have robust technology in place to allow us to work with clients over long-distances and maintain all of our client’s information on our secure servers. Continue...