Tacoma Elder Law Attorney

The news is good for residents of Washington State: Americans are living longer, with a life expectancy up to 78.8 years, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In light of this news, however, it has become as important as ever to plan for the future when it comes to financial and potential health issues, including wills and general estate planning, powers of attorney, and other aspects of legal matters surrounding the practice of elder law. At the Alliance Law Group, we understand the importance of family and planning for the future as Tacoma elder law attorneys. See why and how you and your family can rely on our legal services when it comes to planning your future.

Our Comprehensive Tacoma Elder Law Services

To our team at Alliance Law Group, it’s not enough that older clients merely live a long life. We share your hopes that they thrive with dignity and absolute enjoyment. We represent elderly clients and their families in the areas of:

  • Long-Term Care Planning: When the time comes to consider an approach for assisted living, there is a wide range of options. Some situations allow for a great deal of independence, while other individuals need more specialized care. Our attorneys can assist with making decisions on long-term care planning that’s personalized and compassionate.
  • Probate and Guardianship: If a person is unable to make responsible decisions regarding healthcare or property, it may become necessary for a court to get involved to protect him or her. Proceedings to appoint a guardian for the ward are anxiety-inducing, so our lawyers strive to give you peace of mind.
  • Powers of Attorney: Guardianship under Washington State law is not the only alternative for managing healthcare and financial matters. Depending on mental capacity, it is possible for a person to appoint someone to handle decisions regarding medical treatment, life-supporting procedures, financial matters, and other situations. We can prepare custom-tailored, legally enforceable documents to ensure that intent becomes reality without the need for court intervention.

Injuries, Abuse, and Exploitation of the Elderly

Nursing homes and assisted living centers are accountable for residents, and we trust them to adhere to the highest levels of care for our loved ones. At the Alliance Law Group, we believe that the failure to comply with legal standards is absolutely unacceptable. We seek compensation from facilities for incidents indicating negligence, such as understaffing, improper management, and careless hiring decisions.

However, we will also aggressively pursue abuse and illegal exploitation to the fullest extent possible under Washington State law. There are criminal charges at stake for individuals and facilities, but seeking compensation for this misconduct is a legal option that can help make your family whole after suffering intolerable conduct.

Talk to a Tacoma Elder Law Attorney About Your Circumstances

Our legal team at the Alliance Law Group takes elder law matters seriously because we know the issues that are important to our clients, whether the subject of representation is you or a family member. Don’t settle for mediocre when it comes to you or your loved ones. Please contact our University Park, WA office to schedule an appointment with a qualified, compassionate legal professional.