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A tradition of excellence.

Our firm has maintained a well-respected group
of local attorneys since 1950.

Experience Matters.

Hiring a lawyer can be a substantial financial investment  but finding an attorney is not like buying an appliance or a car.  Unfortunately, lawyers do not come with specifications or a list of features like horsepower or watts to compare on a numerical scale.

As a result, many people look for an attorney from a law firm with experience.
We invite you to explore the timeline below.
 You will see Alliance Law Group originates from a law firm
first established more than 50 years ago.

 Over the years our law firm name has changed.  Some attorneys have left to become judicial officers and others have retired or passed away.  But the commitment to quality representation and tradition of client centered service  has remained the same.  

Experience matters when hiring a lawyer. Choose Alliance Law Group.

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